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Sensory Friendly Playtime

Join us for Sensory Friendly Playtime, a low-sensory event for children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders.

For children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders, a visit to a museum like WOW! can be difficult or overstimulating. To meet the needs of our community, we launched Sensory Friendly Playtime in 2015. Designed as a low-sensory event, Sensory Friendly Playtime allows children and their families to explore the Museum without the noise, crowds, and stimulation of a typical day. We limit the number of families who can attend, turn down sounds and lights, and provide adaptive equipment. Additionally, we partner with a variety of local therapists and specialists to facilitate activities, provide resources, and answer questions for families. 

At WOW! Children’s Museum we are proud to support families with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual or developmental disorders (IDD.) We provide access to information from a wide range of organizations and providers to support families and allow them to explore treatment and support options in the community. WOW! Children’s Museum does not endorse, promote, or recommend any specific programs or treatments for ASD or IDD. We encourage families to carefully consider available information and individual needs when making choices for services.  

Admission to Sensory Friendly Playtime is $1 per person thanks to WOW!’s donor-supported Play for All Initiative! Please note that if the registration link is inactive, that means our event is at full capacity and we cannot accept new registrations.

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