Vote Yes on 4B

Posted on October 18, 2016 | WOW! Children's Museum

Lulu agrees – vote yes on 4B!

Since 1989, SCFD (Scientific & Cultural Facilities District) has distributed revenue from a 0.1% sales and use tax to cultural facilities throughout the seven-county Denver metropolitan area – including WOW! Children’s Museum! This year, SCFD funding will cover 8.5% of the Museum’s operating budget, making many of our events, exhibit upgrades and outreach science classes possible.

Now serving 80,000 visitors annually, we rely on SCFD funding to bring new exhibits and cultural programming to the Museum each year. We simply couldn’t do it without this community support and for that we are extremely grateful. We are continuously challenged by our ability to obtain the necessary funding, while also keeping admission fees and memberships affordable so that all children are able to benefit from the Museum experience and learn through play.

This November, SCFD will ask voters in seven counties to extend the cultural tax through 2030. A “Yes” vote on 4B will allow WOW! Children’s Museum and 271 other organizations to continue to provide quality arts and cultural programming that enlightens and entertains the public. Annually distributing approximately $40 million, the Denver metro area has been elevated to a world‐class cultural center because of the funding the SCFD provides to cultural organizations of all sizes and disciplines.

Please VOTE YES ON 4B this November 8th to extend SCFD through 2030. Thank you for your support!

Denver Post endorsement of 4B


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