Toddler Beach & Sandbox

Toddler Beach & Sandbox

Exhibit Highlights

Climb, slide, explore, and play at the Toddler Beach! This exhibit space is designed for our youngest vistors ages 1-5 years old.

Let’s Learn!

  • Gross motor skills
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills

Let’s Share!

Toddler Beach is a seaside themed exhibit designed for one to five year olds to climb, slide, explore and play! Children can climb up the dock stairs, walk along the peek-a-boo platform, then slide down the wave. Brightly colored ball drops allow children to mix and match drop spots and race the balls down the slide. A tunnel, mirror, and activity centers offer plenty of opportunities to name colors, sounds and patterns or stimulate the senses with buttons, textures and lights. The infant pool offers a safe space for non-walkers to play and interact all while watching the older children at work.

Have fun in the sand without the sunburn! Play in our indoor sandbox to explore the physics of motion, gravity, and flow. Funnels, shovels, sieves, and ramps allow for a variety of ways to explore.

What you’ll learn:

Toddler Beach offers families a way to play together while supporting language and social development, strength and coordination, and walking and climbing skills in young children. Feel at ease letting your child explore freely in this sensory-rich toddler-friendly environment.

  • Practice different forms of movement such as climbing, sliding, walking, grasping, hopping, bopping, and more!
  • Observe, practice, and learn to communication skills through play in a social environment.
  • Interactives support learning action and reaction through buttons, lights, mirrors, slides, steps, and ball drops
  • Feel textures and learn shapes, colors, and objects
  • Hear new and familiar sounds while exploring buttons and interacting with the exhibit’s environment

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