Thank You Exhibits Volunteers

Posted on November 30, 2017 | WOW! Children's Museum

November is a time to give thanks and we at WOW! Children’s Museum would like to share one reason why we are so thankful for our volunteers!

Our volunteers help us in nearly every aspect of the Museum, and one group that is especially valuable to us is our exhibits volunteers. Our exhibits volunteers help our staff build, install, and maintain exhibits. With tens of thousands of visitors coming into the Museum every year, our exhibits endure a lot of wear and tear.   Exhibits are often in need of constant repairs, clever fixes to make them work more smoothly, and paint touch ups. This team is always helping us trouble shoot by thinking and playing like kids, so that they are able to anticipate potential problems and provide solutions before they are even necessary!  Without our team of exhibits volunteers we wouldn’t be able to respond to our list of repairs in a timely manner, create the fun, educational, and interactive exhibits that we have, and maintain those exhibits.

Thank you, exhibits volunteers, for all that you do to make WOW!  great!

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