Stage & Puppet Theater

Stage & Puppet Theater

Exhibit Highlights

Watch or create your own performance on Stage! Lights, props, and costumes can be used to create your own imaginative scenarios.

Let’s Learn!

  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Language skills

Let’s Perform!

The Stage teaches children about a variety of aspects of the theater arts, from lighting to scenery to acting. It is a truly interactive theater experience where visitors can learn proper theater terms, use props, change scenery and lighting, and stage their own productions. Use one of our scripts, put on a costumes, or create your own show!

Stage fright got your tongue? Try telling your story with puppets at the puppet theater. Puppets are an ideal springboard for developing listening and speaking skills, allowing children to express ideas and feelings safely and confidently. Puppets are also a great way to gently interact with infants and toddlers.

What you’ll learn:

While actors and puppeteers interact on the stage they practice a wide variety of thinking and negotiation skills. A great deal of communication, cooperation, imagination, organization, and flexible thinking is practiced. Not only are community life skills and social skills being practiced, but a wealth of self-esteem and self-awareness is being built.

  • Abstract, imaginative, and flexible thinking skills are practiced when working with others creating characters, scenes, and plays
  • Visitors practice social skills such as problem-solving, communication, cooperation, coordination, and organization
  • Build self-awareness and self-esteem by valuing the voice of yourself and others
  • Become familiar with the stage environment through experience using scripts, props, costumes, stage direction, scenery building, and lighting control

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