Spotlight on Exhibit Guides

Posted on October 11, 2016 | WOW! Children's Museum

This month in the Volunteer Voice, we would like to highlight one of the volunteer positions available at WOW! Children’s Museum. Our Exhibit Guides are here to help provide a supplemental activity related to an exhibit on the museum floor. These rotating activities can include puzzles, cup stacking, making paper helicopters to fly in our Blowing in the Wind room, making dinosaur footprints in clay, and many others!

Exhibit Guides can help lead children and their parents through the activity itself, and help them explore the areas related to that exhibit more thoroughly. By providing more information and ways to explore a topic, our Exhibit Guides are able to engage our young visitors in a whole new way. Our Exhibit Guides support school readiness skills for children, facilitate exploration, and encourage learning through play.

Exhibit Guides also provide us with valuable feedback on the activities themselves, both from visitor feedback and with their own observations about how children interact with the activities. This feedback helps us to modify the activities to help make them better and more engaging for our visitors!

We are happy to have a great group of Exhibit Guide volunteers to help kids more thoroughly explore the museum. If you think that you would like to volunteer as an Exhibit Guide, or in any other capacity, please contact Kim Brown, Volunteer Director.

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