Spotlight on Art Room Volunteers

Posted on April 5, 2017 | WOW! Children's Museum

In this month’s Volunteer Voice we are highlighting our Art Room Volunteers. One of the busiest and most hands-on areas to volunteer at WOW! is in our Art Room. Kids love coming in to the Art Room to create arts and crafts projects, explore new materials, and try out fun new art projects. The Art Room can also be a great space for kids and adults to sit down and connect in a quiet way after a busy time exploring the Museum. The opportunity to create art in an environment that supports exploration is a large part of why our visitors love the Art Room!

Volunteers in the Art Room help to support and foster that exploration and help children to create masterpieces from collage items like magazines and ribbon to markers and Kwik Sticks. Volunteers also help out with special seasonal crafts and maker projects, like building castles from recycled paper tubes and making 3D fish from construction paper. In addition to helping kids find supplies for their next creation, our Art Room volunteers help clean and stock the Art Room, so every child who comes in has a chance to start fresh with their ideas.

If you are interesting in becoming an Art Room Volunteer or would like to learn more please contact: Kim Brown or 303-604-2424 ext. 705.

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