Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Exhibit Highlights

Outside on the patio, move a solar panel to catch the sun and make the fountain run!  Exhibit open seasonally.

Let’s Learn!

  • Science, technology, and engineering concepts
  • Experimentation
  • Problem solving

Let’s Conserve!

On a sunny day, visitors can experiment with the Solar Fountain. Move the solar panels around to catch the sun and make the fountain run!

In 2011, WOW! was awarded a grant to put solar panels on our building! Our panels generate
252 kilowatt hours of electricity, which is enough to light the museum for one week. The solar panels generate even more electricity in the summer, when the days are longer and the sun is higher in the sky.

What you’ll learn:

Learn and experiment with solar power in this exhibit. Visitors can see the effects of the sun through changing angles of the solar panels, covering part of the panel with their hands, and observing what happens when a cloud comes along. The effects of these changes are immediately seen though the activity of the fountain spouting high, low, or not at all!

  • Experiment with the power of solar energy
  • Learn science, technology, and engineering concepts such as actions cause reactions, solar power systems, light reflectivity, and light spectrum concepts
  • Learn social skills and community life skills through communication, cooperation, and organization

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