Pulley Chairs

Pulley Chairs

Exhibit Highlights

Experience the physics of pulleys by pulling yourself up to the ceiling! Which chair is easiest? Which chair is fastest?

Let’s Learn!

  • Science and physics concepts
  • Gross motor skills
  • Experimentation

Let’s Go Up!

Buckle up at the Pulley Chairs and see if you can hoist yourself into the air using a pulley system!  Pulleys change the direction of a force. Here, pulling down on the rope moves the chair up. The more pulleys you have, the easier it is to pull the rope, but the more rope you have to pull to get to the top! Experiment to see which chair is the hardest and which chair is the easiest or race your friends to see who is the fastest!

Please buckle your seat belt! For safety reasons, adult supervision is required at all times at this exhibit.

What you’ll learn:

Pulleys are an important, historical, and useful tool. Work with other visitors, family, and friends while pulling to the top! Experimentation through use of each pulley chair will challenge and create new understandings of pulleys for visitors young and old!

  • Practice social skills through problem solving, coordinating and cooperating while testing the pulleys with your friends and family
  • Explore important physics concepts such as the forces of weight and gravity, and dispersion of load through exploration of the variation of number of pulleys.
  • Challenge muscle strength by yourself or with a friend; race to see how fast you can make it to the top or see if you can pull yourself up on each pulley set

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