Pirate Ship & Lighthouse

Pirate Ship & Lighthouse

Exhibit Highlights

Ahoy Mateys! Climb aboard the pirate ship for fun and adventure!

Let’s Learn!

  • Imagination
  • Independence
  • Social skills

Let’s Be Pirates!

Shiver me timbers, a huge ship has dropped anchor at the Museum! This exhibit simulates the excitement and adventure of the world of pirates. Dress up as a pirate, come up with your pirate name, raise yer pirate flag, chase off foes, and store yer booty in the bilge below! Learn about the parts of a ship, navigation, knots, and read stories about pirates and the ocean. Adventure across the bridge to the Lighthouse to turn on the warning light for the ship.

What you’ll learn:

While visitors pretend to sail the open seas, they’ll gain experience with navigation tools, social skills, and life skills. Pretend play improves metacognition, problem solving, and social cognition, as well as academic areas such as literacy, mathematics, and science.

  • Practice life skills such as tying useful knots, navigation by stars, and learning that maps are tools
  • Use social skills during pretend play such as problem solving, coordinating and cooperating with others, and learning to think flexibly
  • Using imagination during pretend play expands cognition, abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills

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