Exhibit Highlights

Where does food come from? Explore local resources or buy produce and other goods at the market. Take turns being the customer and cashier to ring up the purchases!

Let’s Learn!

  • Community life skills
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving

Let’s Shop!

This farm to table-themed exhibit demonstrates where food comes from. Milk a cow, churn some butter or pick a peach. Grind rice into flour, then pretend to mix it all up into a delicious peach cobbler or other snack. Want something you can’t grow locally? Buy produce and other goods at the market or be the cashier to ring up the purchases!

What you’ll learn:

This community life skills exhibit uses the familiar topic of going to the grocery store to practice solving problems, coordinating and cooperating with others, and learning to think flexibly. The farm to table food concept is explored through interactives to highlight the food acquisition and food making process that happens on the farm and field.

  • Young learners gain community life skills through the process of making, selecting, carrying, purchasing, selling, and using food
  • Visitors practice social skills when going the the grocery-getting and food making process
  • Visitors can practice making healthy choices

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