Make It Go!

Make It Go!

Exhibit Highlights

Make a car go down the mountain, make the bike ride up a hill, or make a hot air balloon go up in the sky. Make It Go!

Let’s Learn!

  • Science and physics concepts
  • Experimentation
  • Social skills

Let’s Make It Go!

Make It Go! is an exciting new STEM focused exhibit that explores air, gravity, weight, force and motion by making a car go down a mountain, making a bike go up a hill, and making a hot air balloon go up in the sky.  Through the scientific and creative trial and error process, visitors can experiment with small car and track building, work the pedals of bicycles, and manipulate a hot air balloon. This hands-on exhibit encourages the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

What you’ll learn:

How does weight change the way a car travels over the road? How do hills and curves slow or speed a car’s progress? How hard do you have to pedal a bike to make it up a hill? How does a hot air balloon get up so high in the sky? Children explore the answers to these questions and more as they Make It Go!

  • Explore how cars react to hills and curves, and how their weight plays a role
  • Feel the difference in energy needed to pedal a bike up a hill
  • Experience how heating the air in a balloon causes it to rise in the air

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Make It Go! Contributors:

  • Studio Tectonic
  • Heartland Scenic Studio
  • Zach MacNamara Creative
  • Allison Moulton Media
  • Rachel Arndt, Artist