Light & Sound

Light & Sound

Exhibit Highlights

Experience the properties of sound and light. Draw with light, color with shadows, or play a tune with light beams!

Let’s Learn!

  • Science, physics, and technology concepts
  • Experimentation
  • Problem solving

Let’s Make Music!

Light & Sound invites visitors to explore the nature of light and sound. Make music at the Illumitune by waving your hands through beams of light. Step into a rainbow of lights to create a Colored Shadow. Write with light and discover a pendulum light pattern at the Pendulux. Build with colored blocks and light up your creation on our light table. Or, make your own sounds with a piano and various hand-held musical instruments.

What you’ll learn:

Visitors can relax in this comfortable environment and let their imaginations flow. The lighting, sounds, and colors create a comfortable environment for learning and exploration. Visitors young and old can appreciate technology and science while experimenting with these light and sound exhibits!

  • Experiment with colored shadow manipulation
  • Hypothesize the variables of making colored shadows
  • Manipulate sounds and create patterns caused by interruptions of light
  • Manipulate the pendulum created patterns of the pendulux fiber optic light writer
  • Create your own patterns and drawing with the Light Writer fiber optic pens

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