FamilySong Music Classes This Fall

Posted on August 30, 2017 | WOW! Children's Museum

Join Kristin McLean of FamilySong Music for a free demo music class on Friday, September 8th at 10:30am!  FamilySong Music will be offering a series of weekly music classes at WOW! beginning September 15th.

About FamilySong:

FamilySong Music Class is a multicultural music and movement class for families with young kids ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Sing upbeat and inspiring songs in different languages, play instruments and dance with silk scarves to live drumming and guitar. Kids grow their brains and bodies through active music making and families love the music in this 45 minute class. Each session of FamilySong Music Class comes with a FamilySong Music CD and a download card of the same music.

FamilySong Music Classes:

Each week in class, teacher Kristin McLean brings a ‘featured instrument’ to class to play and share with the kids and families! Kids love hearing, seeing and getting a turn to play the new instruments!

  • Classes are on Fridays at WOW! Children’s Museum from 10:30am-11:15am
  • Early Fall FamilySong Session: Sept 15 – Oct 27
  • Late Fall FamilySong Session: Nov 3 – Dec 22
  • Each 7 weeks = $127 ($112 + $15 materials fee) + $50 for each sibling
  • Register for classes at


Please Note:

FamilySong Music Classes no longer offers drop-in classes. To attend FamilySong Music Classes, you must register for a session. New Families signing up for the email newsletter can receive one free class. Please email to schedule your free class. We offer pro-rating for sessions if you decide to join a session after we have already started.

Make-up policy: You may make up as many classes as you miss at any location within your current session.


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