Dinosaurs are Back at WOW!

Posted on June 7, 2016 | WOW! Children's Museum

Investigating Dino Full Color

We’re celebrating the return of our Investigating Dinosaurs Exhibit with a few fun facts about Stegosaurus, one of our favorite dinosaurs!

Colorado Native. The first Stegosaurus was found right here in Colorado! After you dig for buried fossils at WOW!, go to the Prehistoric Journey Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to look for Stegosaurus.

Big and Small Fossils. Fossilized bones and footprints help scientists estimate the size of a dinosaur. Adult Stegosaurus could weigh up to 10 tons, but an infant Stegosaurus may have been as small as a cat. Come make dinosaur footprints at WOW!, then visit the Morrison Natural History Museum to explore more fossils.

Kids in Science. After a lot of letters from a lot of fourth graders, Governor Richard D. Lamm designated Stegosaurus as Colorado’s state fossil in 1982. To encourage your junior paleontologist, check out our website for information about dinosaur classes at WOW! this summer.

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