Dance & Yoga Studio

Dance & Yoga Studio

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Move your body to rhythm and sound as you put on a costume and tap dance to the music! Or take a calmer path and try some new poses in the Yoga nook.

Let’s Learn!

  • Body awareness
  • Creativity
  • Gross motor skills

Let’s Dance!

Express yourself and move your body to the music on our dance floor! Tap shoes and a ballet barre are available, along with costumes to add some pizzazz to your performance. Ready to wind down? Visit our Yoga nook for a fun and gentle way to exercise. Yoga provides a chance for parents to bond with their children while introducing new vocabulary words. Bark during downward dog or sing your favorite nursery rhymes as you hold a balancing pose.

What you’ll learn:

Over a decade of research in animals and people shows that engaging in regular aerobic activity leads to changes in the brain associated with improved cognition. Learn to dress, jump, tap, sway, stretch, swing, and skip! Grab a yoga mat and practice performing a series of yoga poses by yourself or with friends and family. Not only can visitors engage in physical activity, but they can also practice social skills in this open environment.

  • Learn to move through yoga poses to strengthen your core muscles and balance, center and relax your body
  • Explore the sounds and movements of tap dancing by strapping on a pair of tap shoes
  • Practice social skills such as communication, cooperation, problem-solving, self-awareness, and flexible thinking
  • Improve cognition through physical activity

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