Exhibit Highlights

It’s time for your check-up! Explore the medical field through play by taking on the role of health care provider or patient.

Learning Topics

  • Discover organ and skeletal anatomy and their functions
  • Become familiar with the clinic environment
  • Learn about food, vitamins, health and healing

WOW! Clinic

At this exciting exhibit, young visitors are able to explore the medical field through play and take on the role of health care provider or patient. Just like a real clinic, this highly interactive exhibit is fully equipped with an exam table, medical tools, hand washing station, and reception area. The exhibit also features hands-on stations with lessons about anatomy and the heart.

After checking-in at the reception desk, put on a lab coat and examine a “patient” by taking their height and weight, give them an eye exam and use real medical tools at the exam table to diagnose your patient’s symptoms. Then visit the “Wellness to Go” window to learn how to keep your body healthy with good nutrition and the right food choices.

Additionally, visitors can light up images of the body to learn about your bones and organs. Discover how your heart works by measuring your heart rate and checking out a video simulation to see what the heart looks like, how the blood flows inside the heart and how electrical impulses cause contractions.


What you’ll learn:

At this exhibit, children and families can learn about their bodies and health in a comfortable, fun setting while pretending to be a patient, healthcare provider, nutritionist, or medical receptionist. By establishing role play, the exhibit helps children feel a little less afraid of going to a clinic or doctor’s office.

  • Learn all about the the inner, outer, electrical, and valve anatomy of a heart through the real-life looking heart on the Virtual Heart App. You can even control how fast or slow it beats!
  • Test your blood pressure and breath rate on the Blood Pressure App
  • Practice math and physics concepts on the Pediatric Weight Scale and learn your weight
  • Learn your organ and skeletal anatomy and some functions of your organs and bones
  • Practice community life skills and social skills being a patient, receptionist, nurse, doctor, or pharmacist
  • Learn the function of foods and vitamins in relation to health and healing

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