Build It WOW!

Build It WOW!

Exhibit Highlights

Build it square, build it strong. Build it curved, build it sticky. Build it together, build it big. Build it WOW!

Learning Topics

  • Practice recognizing shapes in the world around us
  • Explore different ways shapes can connect together
  • Learn about creating with stability, strength, and balance

Build It WOW!

Learning Through Play:  Building Our World With Shapes

Creativity and engineering skills are unleashed in Build It WOW! Build it big with an interlocking block fort. Build it small with a suction cup squiggle. Build it simple with magnetic squares, or build it complex by connecting planks. Learn how special shapes make a keystone arch possible. Build your world with shapes, and Build It WOW!

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What you’ll learn:

In the Build It WOW! exhibit, children learn how different shapes form the basic building blocks of more complicated structures. A variety of building toys reinforce the learning of geometry, engineering, design, and technology through play. Children develop concepts of shape and balance along with creativity. This play-based exhibit sets an early foundation for STEM learning.

  • Use hands-on experiences to learn about geometry, spatial relationships, balance, and stability.
  • Explore technology through different ways objects can connect to each other.
  • Exercise design and engineering skills while imagining, planning, executing, and modifying ideas.


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