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Can you surround yourself with a giant bubble before it pops?

Let’s Learn!

  • Science and physics concepts
  • Experimentation
  • Gross motor skills

Let’s Make Bubbles!

Soap + Water + Air = Bubbles! Create a bubble that surrounds your body by pulling the giant bubble wand up to be inside a bubble! Find out what makes a bubble and experiment with pulling the wand up quickly or slowly and see how big your bubble will get. For the advanced bubble maker, try blowing a bubble out of your giant bubble!

Did you know? Bubbles will pop when the soap film gets too thin or touches anything dry.

What you’ll learn:

Experience the wonder of bubbles! Experiment with liquids and gases to observe and experience differing results. Learn body control through the practice of pulling the bubble wand pulley mechanism at the right speed to make a bubble.

  • Liquids and gases have unique properties
  • Analyze and interpret observations about liquids and gases and their unique properties
  • Experimentation with liquids and gases may have differing results based on the differentiation of physical manipulation
  • Practice large motor control through pulley activated bubble hoop

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