Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

Exhibit Highlights

Explore the properties of air and wind! How high can the big blower push a scarf? Can you suspend a ball in an air stream? How does a windmill turn?

Let’s Learn!

  • Science and physics concepts
  • Experimentation
  • Creativity

Let’s Experiment!

Experience the wonder of wind! Explore our vertical wind tunnel room where visitors can create and launch scarves, balls and flyers into the air. See whose scarf can soar to the top of the 22-foot tower! Set up a model windmill and use it to generate electricity in the Wind Test Zone. At the Bernoulli Blower learn about the principles of aerodynamics by balancing a ball in a stream of air.

Did you know? While it is not possible to see the wind, we can see its effect on things around us. Wind is a natural force. If you walk against a strong wind you can feel a force of energy.

What you’ll learn:

Experiment with the forces of wind! Build a propellor or windmill and learn the measure of its efficiency, switch the paddle shape to see the effects . Hypothesize and test weights vs. heights of flying and floating objects.

  • Changes in speed or direction of motion are caused by forces such as pushes and pulls
  • Identify and predict how the direction or speed of an object may change due to an outside force
  • Analyze and interpret observable data about the impact of forces on the motion of objects
  • There are cause-and-effect relationships in everyday experiences
  • Make simple observations, predictions, explanations, and generalizations based on real-life experiences

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