Exhibit Highlights

Practice money recognition, counting, basic math skills, and learn about saving and spending at the Bank. Pretend to be a bank teller or a customer to make deposits and withdrawals through the drive-up window.

Let’s Learn!

  • Math concepts
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills and problem solving

Let’s Count!

The Bank is open for business! The exhibit provides children with important hands-on learning opportunities focused on financial literacy. Inside this exhibit, children can role-play as the bank teller or customer and make deposits or withdrawals through the drive-up window. Through interactive finance stations, children and families have the opportunity to practice money recognition, counting, and make choices about saving vs. spending. The exhibit teaches and encourages basic math and problem-solving skills and helps kids become money smart.

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What you’ll learn:

Learning through practice and pretend play, The Bank teaches us to solve problems, coordinate, cooperate, and think flexibly. Basic math skills are learned through counting in ones, fives, tens, twenties, and hundreds. Interactives of this exhibit give learners young and old non-consequential experience dealing with money.

  • Use social skills during pretend play such as problem solving, coordinating and cooperating with others, and learning to think flexibly
  • Practice making good or poor choices with money
  • Learn how to count, add, and subtract through the interactive exhibit pieces

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