Art Room

Art Room

Exhibit Highlights

The Art Room provides activities for children that spark imagination, creativity and fun. Explore art with a variety of materials from paper and markers to string and paint. Replicate one of our examples, or create something totally new!

Let’s Learn!

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Creativity
  • Independence

Let’s Create!

The Art Room stocks a variety of collage materials, recycled containers, and creative craft supplies so visitors can explore mixed media techniques and create one of a kind art work. The Art Room provides a wonderful opportunity for a family to design and create together!

Check out the Calendar page for a list of upcoming art programs, crafts and classes!

What you’ll learn:

Experience new and familiar art materials and techniques to widen the brain’s capacity for science, technology, engineering, and math. Acquire math skills such as spacial-relationship while negotiating with shapes and forms. Practice engineering and technology capabilities with materials and techniques. Learn about science with material actions and interactions. Improve social and emotional skills while working with and describing artwork.

  • Young explorers will enjoy working with a wide assortment of tools and materials.
  • Artists young and old will learn art techniques such as collage, watercolor painting, weaving, building with reusable materials, and more!
  • Creating artwork is an exercise of expression, concentration, communication, organization, and fine motor control.
  • The act of art creation can relieve anxiety, develop self-awareness, and improve social skills.

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