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Our Mission

WOW! Children’s Museum engages all families in educational, hands-on experiences that connect curiosity, creativity, and discovery.

What We Do

  • We Inspire Learning – We believe in the power of play! The social and cognitive skills learned at a very young age lay the foundation for acquiring important skills later in life. Our interactive, hands-on exhibits allow children to explore, create, inquire, and discover, helping them develop critical thinking, problem-solving and physical skills.
  • We Enhance Education – We love math and science, and we help kids love it too! Our drop-in science programs make science accessible to children as young as 18 months. For older children, we bring hands-on science education directly to the classroom, or provide it here through Museum field trips. Sparking an early interest in math and science is critical to developing science-savvy adults.
  • We Connect Community – We help make memories! We connect children to caregivers, families to families, and people to the place we live. By working with local musicians, artists, educators, and storytellers, we’re connecting children with the rich resources available in our community, and helping teach them about their world.

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